Website Change Log (1997) - Roads to the Future

12-24-97: Added new article: "Virginia Expressway HOV Lanes".

12-22-97: Added new article: "James River Bridge (US-17)". This was taken out of the "Hampton Roads Crossing Study" article.

12-21-97: Added two new articles: "Norfolk/Hampton Roads Light Rail Transit", and "The Relief Route (Delaware Route 1)".

12-20-97: Added new article: "Interstate 664 History". Moved these articles to external hyperlinks: "Baltimore Harbor Crossings", "Dulles Transportation Corridor", "Dulles-Loudoun Metrorail Extension", "14th Street Bridge Complex (I-395)", "14th Street Bridge, the Air Florida Crash and Subway Disaster (1-13-82)", "Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (US 13)", "Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (I-64)", "Bridge-Tunnel Facilities in Virginia", " Hampton Roads Area Interstates, "Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (I-664)". All articles are now in separate pages. Made some minor modifications to main page.

12-19-97: Moved these articles to external hyperlinks: "National Freeway (I-68)", "Interstate 81 and Interstate 77", "Interstate 64 and Interstate 77 (West Virginia)", "Interstate 66", "D.C. Interstates and Freeways", "Hampton Roads Crossing Study", "I-195 Beltline Expressway", "Richmond Interstates and Expressways".

11-22-97: Added article "New Jersey Median Barrier History" that is accessed by hyperlink from the main page.

11-21-97: Added sub-article "Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk" that is accessed by hyperlink from the article "Chesapeake Bay Bridge". The sub-article has five photos of the bridge.

11-15-97: Moved four articles to external hyperlinks: "Cheapeake Bay Bridge", "Interstate 595 in Maryland", "Interstate 795 in Maryland", and "Interstate 97 in Maryland".

11-14-97: Moved three articles to external hyperlinks: "Capital Beltway (I-495 and I-95)", "I-270 and I-370 in Maryland", and "More Hampton Roads Expressways".

11-10-97: Added article "Coalfields Expressway" (external hyperlink).

11-8-97: Added article "Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Commuter Rail Lines" and picture (external hyperlink); also article "Washington Bypass Studies" (external hyperlink).

11-6-97: Moved "Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike (I-95/I-85) and I-295" article to external hyperlink, and added photos of I-295 Varina-Enon Bridge. Also added hyperlinked map of the Downtown Tunnel/Berkley Bridge area to More Hampton Roads Expressways article.

11-4-97: Moved four articles to external hyperlinks: Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway (I-95 and I-395), Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Line Completion, Baltimore City Interstates, Baltimore Outer Harbor Crossing (Key Bridge).

11-1-97: Added article and photos for Cumberland Gap Tunnel (external hyperlink).

10-31-97: Added articles and pictures for Baltimore Central Light Rail Line (external hyperlink), and Baltimore Metro (external hyperlink).

10-24-97: Added two more aerial photos of the I-395 Mixing Bowl, and two aerial photos of the I-664 MMMBT.

10-6-97: Added thumb-nail photos for the four Fort McHenry Tunnel photos, moved the large photos to a separate page, and installed hyperlink.

10-4-97: Added overall description of I-664 corridor in "More Hampton Roads Expressways" article.

10-3-97: External link to picture of Mixing Bowl interchange complex, on Shirley Highway, I-395. External links to VDOT and MDOT websites, and Steve Anderson's "Information Superhighways" page.

9-9-97: External links to pictures of: Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel parallel span construction, I-695 Sparrows Point widening, and Richmond downtown expressways and bridges. Also, photos of I-95 at Woodbridge, and of Franconia-Springfield Metro Station.

8-14-97: Uploaded website for the first time to Geocities, and announced it to misc.transport.road and misc.transport.urban-transit newsgroups, and various persons.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future