Website Change Log (1998) - Roads to the Future

12-25-98: Added new article "George P. Coleman Bridge" with 10 hyperlinks to other Coleman Bridge web pages.

10-24-98: Added new article "Baltimore Early Expressway Planning".

10-17-98: Added new sub-article to "Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (US 13)", "Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Photos, August 1998". Five new photos of newly-opened parallel spans. Also, changed the name of the website from "The Virginia Highwayman" to "Roads to the Future".

10-9-98: Added new article is "Baltimore 10-D Expressway System Map". The article is brief, and the page has a scanned map of the 10-D System, with hyperlinks to small, medium and large size.

9-12-98: Added new article: "Washington D.C. Area Interstate HOV is a Success".

8-3-98: There are 3 new additions:

Accessed from main page, and "Interstate 81 and Interstate 77" main page article - "Interstate 77 Virginia Photos". The first and second is the I-77 300-foot cut at Little Walker Mountain, under construction, 1968. The third is taken from the top of Little Walker Mountain, looking at the I-77 Big Walker Mountain Tunnel south portal, 1973. The last two are I-77 south of Fancy Gap, 1979. Each photo has a small and large scan.

Accessed from main page - "Metrorail Glenmont Route" - full article mainly devoted to the new Glenmont Station and portion of route in Montgomery County, MD. Two photo pages accessed from Glenmont page - "Forest Glen Metro Station" - two photos. "Glenmont Metro Station" - three photos. Each photo has a small and large scan.

Accessed from main page - "Richmond Railroads" - One photo of the famous "Three-Level Railroad Crossing".

7-6-98: Uploaded modified main page, with compressed listing of hyperlinks, and new CBBT photo.

6-19-98: Added new article: "Interstate 66 and Metrorail Vienna Route". Actually it replaces the small "Interstate 66" web page. At the bottom of the page, I have links to these photo pages: "Northern Virginia Map Showing Interstate Highways and Metrorail", "Interstate 66 Construction", "Vienna Metro Station", "West Falls Church Metro Station", "Ballston Metro Station", and "Jon Bell's Photos of Vienna Station and Pentagon Station". The map page has a small, medium and large images, stacked on hyperlinks. Jon Bell has excellent Metro photos, and I've linked to his website. The other links have 9 historic photos of I-66 and the Vienna Route, taken by me.

5-20-98: Added new article "Woodrow Wilson Bridge (I-495 and I-95)". It covers the entire history, past, present and future, of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

4-11-98: Scanned and posted maps copied from the Maryland State Highway Administration, Interstate Division for Baltimore City, 3-A System Current Status map, 1981. There are two pages linked from the small scanned maps near the bottom of the "Baltimore City Interstates" article. 1. Baltimore Interstate System Map (Click on photo for largest version) 2. Baltimore Harbor Interstate System Map (Click on photo for largest version).

3-6-98: Added new links to article: "D.C. Interstates and Freeways". Included two maps of the original full proposed D.C. Interstate system. 1) This map was copied from the design study, _District of Columbia Interstate System_, by DeLeuw, Cather Associates and Harry Wesse & Associates, LTD, 1971. This was the last official preliminary design for the D.C. Interstate system. 2) This map shows the original full proposed D.C. area Interstate system, in the center of the area. I drew the Interstate routes in red on the map. The information comes from the above design study. Both maps have small, medium, and large images.

1-25-98: Modified article: "Norfolk/Hampton Roads Light Rail Transit", added Baltimore light rail photos of train exterior and interior.

1-24-98: Revised the "Baltimore Central Light Rail Line" article to reflect the extensions opened in late 1997. About mid-page, there are hyperlinks to 10 photos I took back in November. There are 6 on the first link, and 4 on a second link.

1-23-98: Updated "National Freeway (I-68)" article on InfiNet webspace. Notified newsgroups about InfiNet site. Changed main page on Geocities site to forward users to new InfiNet site.

1-21-98: Added three more photos to article: "National Freeway (I-68)". Added photo of I-77 at Fancy Gap to article: "Interstate 81 and Interstate 77".

1-19-98: Added two Sideling Hill Photos to article: "National Freeway (I-68)".

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future