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11-7-1999: "Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95)" article - Major expansions to the 2-year-old article (was "Fort McHenry Tunnel Photos"), with detailed design and construction information, with a link to 4 more opening day photos; a link to diagrams of plan, profile and typical section views of the tunnel project area; links to official MDOT sites for the toll facilities and the port authority; plus historical links for Fort McHenry itself, the "Star Spangled Banner", and the American flag.

10-12-1999: "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added link to "The Highways of North Carolina" by J. Vincent.

10-8-1999 through 10-10-99: Added links to main page for official websites of District of Columbia Department of Public Works, Richmond Metropolitan Authority, and Dulles Greenway. "Woodrow Wilson Bridge (I-495 and I-95)" article - Added link to _The Washington Post_ website link to a collection of their articles about the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project; also added further summary of WWB Coordination Committee work 1988-1997. Provided link on main page for "Richmond Downtown Aerial Photos" which was formerly only linked from "Richmond Interstates and Expressways" article. "The Smart Road" article - added link to _The New River Current Online_ (The Roanoke Times) Smart Road On-line Feature. "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added links to the Transportation Research Board, "Virginia Highways Web Page" by Dave Strong, and "Maryland Roads" by Mike Pruett. "Interstate 81 and Interstate 77" article - minor modifications.

9-3-99: Added link to official WVDOT Corridor "H" website, linked from main page.

8-20-99: Each of these website articles have a new photo. "Interstate 595 in Maryland (US-50 from I-95/I-495 to Annapolis)", "Interstate 97 in Maryland", "Baltimore Outer Harbor Crossing (Key Bridge)"

7-24-99: Added new article "Parallel Midtown Tunnel / Port Norfolk Connector / Martin Luther King Freeway Extension". Proposed project in Portsmouth and Norfolk, Va.

5-27-99: Added new article "Shirley Highway Busway/HOV System", about the establishment of the busway/HOV roadway system on I-95/I-395 Shirley Highway. Copy of "The Shirley Highway Story", talk at American Transit Association on May 23, 1974, published in the Virginia Highway Bulletin, July 1974.

5-15-99: Added new article "The Smart Road", about the ITS Blacksburg-Roanoke Connector.

3-27-99: Added new article "Richmond Beltway". Includes article about the various portions of I-295, VA-288 and I-895 around Richmond, Virginia.

3-26-99: Added new article "Route 895 Connector". Includes article about the Route 895 Connector project near Richmond, Virginia, and a large aerial image of the interchange of I-95 and VA-150, showing an engineering artist's rendering of the proposed Route 895 interchange connection, ramps, and high-level James River Bridge.

3-15-99: Added new article "US-58 Widening and Bypasses in Mecklenburg County, Virginia". Includes 5 construction photos taken 9-12-98.

2-6-99: Added new article "CBBT - Go to Sea on Your Bike". Article and 5 photos of Family Day bicycle trip 11-21-99.

1-24-99: Modified article: "Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (I-64)" - added aerial photo.

1-14-99: Modified article: "Virginia Expressway HOV Lanes" - added TRAFFIX website links with HOV information and maps of the HOV system in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area.

1-8-99: Added new articles "Road Funding in the U.S.", "Economic Benefits of Roads and Highways", "The Issue of So-Called "Free Parking", "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation", "Congestion Pricing Study in Norfolk/Hampton Roads Area", "Road Funding in Virginia", "Why are Roads Publicly Administered?".

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future