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12-22-2000: Added links to newspaper articles and links to various other articles ===>

"Interstate 81 and Interstate 77" article - "The Big Walker Tunnel (1967-1972)", from The History and Heritage of Civil Engineering in Virginia, by Virginia Section of American Society of Civil Engineers. "The Tunnels of Bland County", and "The East River Mountain Tunnel" and "Building the Tunnel", and Charles Fore, Maintenance Supervisor of tunnel, by the Bland County History Archives. "Interstate 77 delivered new world to region / Locals can go, tourists pass through", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999. "U.S. 11 is memory lane / It's the Main Street of many valley towns", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999.

"Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway (I-95 and I-395)" article - FHWA By Day, September 10, 1941, about Mixing Bowl with a 1954 photo of the Mixing Bowl. "The Mixing Bowl Project (1970-1973)", from The History and Heritage of Civil Engineering in Virginia, by Virginia Section of American Society of Civil Engineers. "Old road, and same old problem / Traffic congestion is still snarling Shirley Highway", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999.

"Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (I-64)" article - "Tunnel a bridge to everywhere / Single metro area began to develop as harbor barrier fell", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999.

"Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (US-13)" article - "The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (1960-1969)", from The History and Heritage of Civil Engineering in Virginia, by Virginia Section of American Society of Civil Engineers. "The bridge-tunnel is still a work in progress", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999.

"Interstate 64 in Virginia" article which is linked from "Interstate Highway System in Virginia" article - "Charlottesville won, and Lynchburg lost / Routing of I-64 was major tussle", by Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1999.

12-19-2000: New website article - "Arterial Highway System in Virginia". The Arterial Highway System in Virginia is a 1,855-mile-long system of intra-state highways, first established in 1964, designed to supplement and augment the 1,128-mile-long Interstate Highway System in Virginia. It is accessed by hyperlink from my main page. I have scanned the map Interstate-Arterial Highway System of Virginia.

12-10-2000: Main page - added official links to Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG), Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, and Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. Those are the metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) for those areas.

12-10-2000: "Road Funding in the U.S." article - added data from "Bulletin - Highway Funding 1996 - 1999" from USDOT/FHWA.

12-9-2000: Divided main page into logo section and main section.

11-28-2000: "Washington D.C. Interstates and Freeways" article - I have 3 new map images of the final 1971 design plan for the unbuilt I-95 in the District of Columbia. They show detailed plan views of the proposed highway and proposed joint development. The three sections show I-95 from the Center Leg (3rd Street Tunnel) at New York Avenue, to the D.C. boundary east of Fort Totten. Enlargements of these images are available on links from the article.

11-24-2000: I have 3 new photos of Route 895 which is under construction near Richmond, Virginia. These are on my new article - "Route 895 Construction" which is accessed by hyperlink from this article - "Route 895 Connector".

11-13-2000: "Washington Bypass Studies" article - added map scans of Map of Most Reasonable Build Alternates, from Washington Bypass Study Informational Handout public hearing brochure, May-June 1990, published jointly by VDOT and MDOT SHA; plus map scan of cover of above brochure; plus map scan of Alternative W2 (the Western Bypass). Each map has links to medium, large and extra large map images.

11-12-2000: "14th Street Bridge, the Air Florida Crash, and Subway Disaster (1-13-82)" article - added scans of two location maps -- map showing airport, flightpath and crash location, from NTSB accident report, with links to medium and large size scans; and map showing Metrorail accident location, from NTSB accident report, with link to large size scan.

11-5-2000: "14th Street Bridge Complex (I-395 and US-1)" article - aerial photo of the 14th Street Bridge complex. Photo came from the July 1983 Metro Memo Tabloid magazine, published by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The photo has 4 different sizes that can be selected.

11-4-2000: "Baltimore Harbor Crossings" article - added photo of completed I-695 widening on Sparrows Point.

11-1-2000: "I-195 Beltline Expressway" article - added 4 photos, a small one of each on the I-195 page, and a link to a large version of each. "James River Bridge (US-17)" article - added one photo of the James River Bridge, showing it under construction in 1978, a small photo on the page, and a link to a large version.

10-15-2000: "I-195 Beltline Expressway" article - added additional information about the opening ceremonies on July 15, 1975, with excerpts of a speech by Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr., where he had interesting comments about the planning of I-195 and about the state and federal highway programs in general.

10-8-2000: "I-195 Beltline Expressway" article - added additional information about the history of I-195 in Richmond, including history of the CSXT Beltline Railroad that occupies the median of most of the highway.

10-1-2000: "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added link to "The Roads of Northern Virginia" by Michael Hale. Discusses regional Interstates, other freeways and major arterials, plus history and maps.

9-19-2000: New maps - on "Route 895 Connector" article. I have 2 new map images showing the route of Route 895 which is under construction near Richmond, Virginia. One shows the current project layout. One shows the 3 alternatives studied in a planning study in 1980 that examined corridors for a new east-west Interstate connector in the Richmond-Petersburg area. Each map has 4 different sizes that can be selected.

9-8-2000: New website page - "Route 895 Connector Map", which is accessed by hyperlink from the article "Route 895 Connector". I have 2 new map images showing the route of Route 895 which is under construction near Richmond, Virginia. On paper, this map is 11 x 17 and is divided into two images, separated vertically in the middle. The joint venture building the road, Fluor Daniel/Morrison Knudsen, provided VDOT with the map. I have copied it with VDOT's permission.

9-3-2000: New website articles - "Chesapeake Bay Bridge History" (with early history and more details about the unbuilt northern and southern crossings), and "Chesapeake Bay Bridge Rehabilitation Projects" (about current major rehabilitation projects); both of which are linked from my existing article "Chesapeake Bay Bridge".

9-3-2000: "James River Bridge (US-17)" article - added information about the stage construction of the replacement bridge.

8-26-2000: New website article - "New River Gorge Bridge (US-19 Corridor "L")". I have 2 photos. This article relies mostly on other websites, and I've posted a series of links with excerpted information. These are fine websites with lots of good information and photos.

7-31-2000: I have obtained a new web hosting service for my "Roads to the Future" website, and I have completed moving all the InfiNet-based articles. I have also obtained the domain name So my "Roads to the Future" main page is now at My InfiNet main page now has a forwarding link to the new URL, with most of the main page content deleted It took a lot of work converting and uploading all the files on my "Roads to the Future" website. All the InfiNet link base URL addresses had to be changed. I made numerous small improvements also, updating old articles, fixing dead links, adding new links, adding new information. I've extensively tested all the links and files on the new website.

IMPORTANT - for those who link directly to my articles, please check the article link to make sure that you get the right address, because I changed some of the .html and .jpg file names to make them more intelligible; also all the original "SMK-999.jpg" formats were converted to intelligible names (the friend who scans my photos gives them to me in that format, and about the first 1/3 of the photos posted were left in that format, with the latter 2/3 converted by me to more intelligible names back when I originally developed the articles; still, some of the latter group just changed too). I know this may be a hassle for you, but these addresses with my new domain name should be permanent and never change again, even if I have to someday move my website to a new hosting service.

The overall logical layout, content and functions of the "Roads to the Future" website on are very similar to that of the old website. [Counter 33,210]


7-30-2000: New website article - "Baltimore History of Expressway Planning - 1970" - which is linked from existing article "Baltimore Early Expressway Planning".

6-16-2000: New website article - "Interstate 64 in Virginia - Photos" - which is linked from: "Interstate 64 in Virginia" - which is linked from: "Interstate Highway System in Virginia"; these 4 photos show I-64 at Clifton Forge, at Afton Mountain, and at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. I added a photo of the newly widened I-264 in Norfolk, showing the new concurrent flow HOV lanes, on "Interstate 264 in Virginia" - which is linked from: "Interstate Highway System in Virginia".

5-31-2000: "Interstate Highway System in Virginia" - new website article - The Interstate Highway System in Virginia is 1128.07 miles long, and there are 6 mainline routes and 11 loop and spur routes from the mainline routes. I have prepared a set of web pages where you'll be able to click the route number on a main page to go to a web page with detailed description of towns and cities served, military installations served, major airports served, route topography, transportation barriers crossed, segment opening dates, segment lengths, segment traffic volumes, segment lane widths, major widening projects, and links to other website articles.

4-22-2000: "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added links to "The History and Heritage of Civil Engineering in Virginia" website, and the American Highway Users Alliance website.

4-8-2000: "Blue Ridge Parkway" article - new website article about the Blue Ridge Parkway, with 14 links about the parkway and the Shenandoah National Park.

3-31-2000: "Road Trip to California and Los Angeles" article - new website article about my recent California road trip. There are 27 different photos, and they are on 9 different web pages that are linked from the main article page --- Pacific Coast Highway: 5 photos. Pepperdine University - 3 photos overlooking Pacific Ocean. I-10 Santa Monica Freeway: 3 photos. I-5 Golden State Freeway: 2 photos. I-210 Foothill Freeway: 4 photos. I-10 San Bernardino Freeway: 1 photo. CA-110 Harbor Freeway: 2 photos of the downtown. I-105 Glenn Anderson Freeway (Century Freeway): 5 photos US-101 Ventura Freeway: 2 photos.

3-1-2000: "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added link to "Virginia Suburbs of DC" website.

2-28-2000: "Coalfields Expressway " article - added link to West Virginia's Coalfields Expressway website.

1-14-2000: "Economic Benefits of Roads and Highways" article - added links to 6 websites that point out that highways benefit the local economies, especially in rural, depressed areas.

1-2-2000: "Articles and Links about Roads and Transportation" article - added links to Wendell Cox Consultancy and the Public Purpose, the Reason Public Policy Institute (RRPI) and Reason magazine, and the Virginia Transportation Research Council.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future