Bay Bridge Photos 1 thru 4 - Winter 1977

This was the winter that saw record cold temperatures over much of the Eastern U.S., and at this point at the Bay Bridge in January 1977, almost the entire Chesapeake Bay surface was frozen over, to the depth that ice boats (sailboats with ice runners) were seen on it. Local temperatures saw repeated below zero F nightly lows, and the entire cold spell lasted for about a month. I have three web pages that show 12 photos that I took while my father was driving.

Above, eastbound, notice frozen surface.

Above, eastbound, approaching the main suspension span. Surface of water is frozen all the way across.

Above, eastbound, approaching the main suspension span.

Above, eastbound, approaching the Eastern Channel bridges. Notice the shadow that the westbound bridge casts on the surface ice.

Bay Bridge Photos 5 thru 8 - Winter 1977

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future