I-210 Foothill Freeway

The section from San Fernando to Pasadena is lightly traveled compared to most L.A. freeways. Still, it was mostly 8 lanes with steady traffic. A portion several miles long had a single-track railroad line in the median. There are lots of very nice looking hills and mountains along this whole stretch, with many attractive housing developments. At Pasadena, I-210 in effect turns at a right-angle onto another freeway (although the name and number stay the same), and it passes through a short tunnel about 1/4 mile long. Actually there were 1 or 2 other short tunnels on I-210 also. East of Pasadena, the traffic volume was a lot higher, and the surrounding land became more arid-looking as I went east to I-605.

Eastbound, just east of I-5.

Eastbound, near Sunland.

Eastbound, near Glendale.

Eastbound, near Glendale.

All photos taken by Scott Kozel.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future, PENNWAYS

(Created 3-31-00)