Interstate 381 in Virginia

Interstate 381 in Virginia is the 1.45-mile-long connector from I-81 to the 4-lane 1.2-mile-long arterial VA-381 connector to the downtown of the City of Bristol. I-381 and VA-381 form a continuous thoroughfare. I-381 is 4 lanes wide, and it opened to traffic on Nov. 20, 1961, at the same time that the 5.5-mile-long I-81 Bristol Bypass opened. Initially, I-381 only had two northerly ramps with I-81; about 1996, the two southerly ramps were added.

VDOT 1997 traffic volume data follows. Figures are published rounded to the nearest 100. Traffic volumes on I-381 are 16,800 annual average daily traffic (AADT) with 4% large trucks.

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