Interstate 64 in Virginia - Photos

These 4 photos show I-64 at Clifton Forge, at Afton Mountain, and at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

Above, westbound trestle of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel approaching eastern manmade portal island, May 2000. The westbound HRBT was opened in 1957 as the original 2-lane HRBT, and the parallel facility opened in 1976. The parallel facility's trestles had shoulders with 10 feet on the right and 6 feet on the left. The original facility's trestles (above photo) were built with minimal shoulders about 2 feet wide, and major rehabilitation and widening was conducted in 1999 and 2000 to provide major rehabilitation to the substructure, widening to provide shoulders with 10 feet on the right and 6 feet on the left, and a fully new bridge deck. The rehabilitation project cost $34.7 million, was completed November 1999.

"Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel work set for completion Monday", The Virginian-Pilot, Oct. 30, 1999. "A $34.7 million road repair project, begun in 1996, is almost complete. All the cones and barrels, construction signs and associated traffic delays should be gone by Monday. [...] The widening of the shoulder on the bridge and resurfacing of its lanes were to have been completed last December. Once work started, however, crews discovered that equipment under the bridge was so badly worn out that replacements were needed".

Above, I-64 at Afton Mountain, heading westbound just east of the summit. I-64 crosses the transportation barrier of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a 70 mile per hour design speed 4-lane freeway. At Afton Mountain just east of Waynesboro; long grades carry the highway up 1,500 feet or more change in elevation, and there are many large cuts and fills.

Above, I-64 at Afton Mountain, heading eastbound just east of the summit. Notice the rockfall retention fence on the right.

Above, I-64 at Clifton Forge, heading eastbound. The Clifton Forge Bypass has a number of large cuts and fills as it passes north of the city, and two long viaducts that pass high above valleys.

All photos by Scott Kozel. Copyright 2000 by Scott M. Kozel. All rights reserved.

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