Southern Avenue Station

The Southern Avenue station was built in open cut in the hillside between Southern Avenue and Oxon Run Drive. It is in Maryland just outside of D.C. There are entrances to the station from Southern Avenue (for buses and parking) and from Oxon Run Drive (for Kiss & Ride and parking). At the inbound end of the station, the line becomes subway, and passes under Southern Avenue, which is the boundary of D.C. and Maryland, and the subway passes under Oxon Run Park on the way to the Congress Heights Station, and Green Line trains run underground from here, through downtown D.C., and they do not run on the surface again until north of Fort Totten Station in northern D.C.

The Southern Avenue Station was built with parking lots for 2,200 long-term parking spaces, a lot for 200 short-term Kiss-and-Ride spaces, a lot for 15 high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) spaces, and with 22 bus bays. (Source: "Green Line to Branch Ave Grand Opening", brochure handout by WMATA).

Above, Southern Avenue Station.

Above, tunnel at inbound end of Southern Avenue Station. I'm standing on the end of the platform, looking into the tunnel portal. Notice rear of train heading down the tunnel towards Anacostia Station.

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Lead article for Metrorail Branch Avenue Route Completion.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future

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