US-101 Ventura Freeway

I didn't see the section in L.A. County, but I did ride it from Thousand Oaks to Santa Barbara. It is generally 6 lanes between there and Santa Barbara. There is a major grade west of Thousand Oaks. From Ventura to Santa Barbara, the highway passes through spectacular hilly to mountainous coastal terrain; and the coast is somewhat sheltered since it curves inward somewhat and the Channel Islands are about 25 miles offshore. The islands have large mountains and they loom well above the horizon. These factors cause that part of the coastal waters to be fairly calm, and a variety of small sailboats and powerboats were only a few hundred yards offshore, and some of them were anchored.

Westbound, west of city of Ventura.

Westbound, west of city of Ventura.

Photos taken by Scott Kozel.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future, PENNWAYS

(Created 3-31-00)