Usenet Newsgroups for Transportation

Topical groups
misc.transport.road - road and highway transportation
misc.transport.urban-transit - metropolitan public and mass transportation
misc.transport.rail.americas - North American railroad transportation
misc.transport.trucking - commercial trucking related issues
misc.transport.marine - maritime and inland waterways transportation
misc.transport.air-industry - airlines, airports, commercial aircraft
alt.disasters.aviation - aviation safety and aviation disasters
alt.planning.urban - urban planning issues
alt.planning.transportation - transportation planning issues
rec.bicycles.soc - bicycle advocacy and social issues
sci.engr.civil - civil engineering

Regional groups
dc.driving - Washington, D.C. driving and general transportation
phl.transportation - Philadelphia, Pa. general transportation
nyc.transit - New York City public and general transportation
ne.transportation - New England general transportation
la.transportation - Los Angeles, Ca. general transportation
ba.transportation - San Francisco Bay Area. general transportation

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