West Virginia Turnpike Photos

Here are some photo images of the West Virginia Turnpike, offered to this website by Rush Wickes of Blacksburg, Virginia.

The Chuck Yeager Bridge, Charleston, WV, from a post card in the 1950s.

A toll plaza, from a post card in the 1950s.

The portal of the Memorial Tunnel, from a post card in the 1950s. It had one two-lane tube, and was about 25 miles south of Charleston. In the turnpike reconstruction in the 1980s, the tunnel was bypassed with an open cut about 500 feet deep. You can still see both tunnel portals from the road, on the west side of the highway.

Here is a photo of the West Virginia Turnpike Memorial Tunnel, as it appeared on October 5, 2002, during the Center for National Response public tour. This is the south portal, from the perspective of where the Bender Bridge used to be.

Official website for West Virginia Turnpike.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future

(Created 10-5-2002)