Interstate 564 in Virginia

Interstate 564 in Virginia is the 2.77-mile-long expressway in Norfolk from I-64 near Wards Corner to the U.S. Naval Base, and its terminus transitions into the 6-lane divided 0.8-mile-long Admiral Taussig Boulevard. The planning name of I-564 was the Navy Base Spur. The highway has 6 lanes, with the inner lane each way an HOV-2 lane.

The 0.79-mile-long section of I-564 from I-64 to International Terminal Boulevard opened on June 1, 1971 when that section of I-64 opened. The next 0.46-mile-long section opened on Nov. 20, 1974, and the last 1.52 miles to the Navy base opened on August 4, 1977. There is a 680-foot-long tunnel for I-564 under a Naval Air Station runway. The highway was originally built with 4 lanes, and was widened to 6 lanes in 1993.

I-564 was planned to be the expressway replacement of most of Admiral Taussig Boulevard, the original main access road into the Navy base. It was also planned to connect the Interstate System to the U.S. Naval Base and the Norfolk International Terminals (civilian marine terminals).

VDOT 1997 traffic volume data follows. Figures are published rounded to the nearest 100. Traffic volumes on I-564 are 60,000 AADT, and large trucks are 9% of the total traffic.

I have more information about I-564 here: Hampton Roads Area Interstates and Freeways.

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