Interstate 66 Construction

Above, in Arlington County, east of Monroe Street overpass, looking west. Notice retaining wall (cast-in-place) construction. Notice section of nearly completed roadway just beyond the overpass. This section is east of the section that contains the Metro line in the median. Taken August 1980.

Above, in Arlington County, west of Glebe Road, looking west. Notice retaining wall (reinforced earth) construction. Especially notice the Metro subway tunnel under construction, rising upward into the median of I-66. Taken August 1980.

Photos taken by Scott Kozel.

Copyright 1998-2003 by Scott Kozel. All rights reserved. Reproduction, reuse, or distribution without permission is prohibited.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future

(Created 6-29-1998, updated 3-16-2003)