Route 895 Construction - June 2000

Here's more photos of Route 895 under construction, taken June 6, 2000, while on an ASHE (American Society of Highway Engineers) field trip to the project.

Above, on west approach of Route 895 James River Bridge, on eastbound span looking east. The mainline concrete box girder approach spans are being built by the pre-cast post-tensioned segmental method, with the segments being placed by the overhead launching truss which is visible as the yellow structure above the approach span. Several hundred yards had been placed from the west abutment eastward, when I took these photos.

Above, I am standing near the end of the sections placed so far on the west approach of Route 895 James River Bridge, on the eastbound span looking east. Notice the pre-cast concrete box girder sections placed on the tops of the pier caps. Also notice that each directional span will be comprised of two concrete box girder structures. The overhead launching truss will move across the span from one pier to the next, and pre-cast concrete box girder sections will be placed and joined together by cables that will run through channels in each segment. When all the segments have been placed, cables will be run through more channels, and post-tensioning will be done with hydraulic devices, and the result will be an effectively continuous concrete box girder span.

Above, the fabrication yard about a mile south of the Route 895 James River Bridge, where the concrete box girder segments are being cast. They are transported to the project site by truck. As you can see, a whole group of segments have been cast and are curing prior to transport to the bridge site. There are many more completed segments in the yard outside of the view of my camera.

Above, a segment just cast and removed from the steel forms which are behind the segment. These are cast in a building which can accommodate casting of four segments at once. Each segment has extensive steel rebar inside of the concrete. The steel forms are adjustable to fit different segment sizes and shapes.

Above, looking across river westward, west pier of main span of James River Bridge, and approach viaduct. The group of people is part of the ASHE field trip.

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