Route VA-288 Construction - July 2002 - Photos 11-13

Here are 3 photos of Route VA-288 under construction, taken in early July, 2002.

Above, looking east, VA-650 River Road in Goochland County. River Road will cross VA-288 on a bridge, and the bridge is being built as can be seen in the middle of the photo; and River Road is temporarily closed (it reopened in late July after these photos were taken) at that point so that the overpass bridge can be constructed in the same location as the existing road.

Above, looking east, VA-650 River Road in Goochland County. This photo was taken from the same vantage point as the previous photo, but it was taken with a 135mm (2.7x) telephoto lens, instead of the 50mm (1.0x) regular lens used previously.

Above, looking north, photo of construction of the parallel northbound span of the VA-288 Tuckahoe Creek Bridge in Goochland County about 1/2 mile south of US-250 Broad Street Road. The concrete deck has been poured on the northbound span. Construction on the western portion of VA-288 began in 1995 in Goochland County with a 3.9-mile-long project between West Creek Parkway and US-250 Broad Street Road, and the project was completed in 1997 as a 2-lane freeway on a 4-lane right-of-way; that is the completed highway that is open to traffic. The earthen fills in the distance rise upward to the overpasses that are under construction over US-250 Broad Street Road. The interchange between VA-288 and US-250 will be a half cloverleaf interchange to the south, with full interchange movements provided between the two highways. No ramps were built to the north of US-250, because of the closeness to Interstate I-64; the I-64 interchange with VA-288 is under construction about 1/2 mile north of the US-250 interchange. A 135mm (2.7x) telephoto lens accentuates the horizontal curvature of the highway.

All photos by Scott Kozel.

Copyright 2002 by Scott Kozel. All rights reserved. Reproduction, reuse, or distribution without permission is prohibited.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future

(Created 9-1-2002)