Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge has been the site of an annual Bay Bridge Walk since 1975. It is typically on a Sunday in early May. The eastbound span is closed to traffic for use by the walkers, and the westbound three-lane span has two-way vehicular traffic that is controlled by overhead lane control signals.

2007 Bay Bridge Walk, which will be held on Sunday, May 6, 2007, Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) press release.

Excerpts (in blue text) from a Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) news release, March 5, 2001:
The 4.3-mile walk attracts approximately 40,000 to 60,000 people annually. "Every year, the Bay Bridge Walk allows thousands of men, women, and children from Maryland and beyond to stretch their legs and enjoy a wonderful outing," said Secretary of Transportation and Authority Chairman John D. Porcari. "This unique event provides a true showcase for one of our state's largest and most famous treasures."

Take a walk with me as you view the site through my camera, on the 1987 Bay Bridge Walk. I have 12 photos on 3 webpages, with 4 photos per webpage, and the sequence is as I walk from the east end of the bridge to the west end of the bridge, and all photos were taken on the same day on the same Bridge Walk. Click on each photo for a larger version.

I have all three webpages combined onto one single webpage, for those of you who have the speed of Internet connection and computer power to handle it, but you will download 720K when you access this page - Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk (fullpage). The sequence of the 12 photos is exactly the same as with the three webpages, but all the photos are on one webpage.

Above, I am standing on the eastern shoreline looking west. The Eastern Channel cantilever bridges are about 1-1/3 mile away, and the Chesapeake Channel suspension bridges are about 2-2/3 miles away. Click on the photo for a larger version (124K).

Above, the Eastern Channel bridges are cantilever bridges with 58 feet of vertical navigational clearance and 690 feet of horizontal navigational clearance. The water is over 80 feet deep there. Click on the photo for a larger version (144K).

Above, the bridge walkers make their way toward the Eastern Channel bridge. Click on the photo for a larger version (127K).

Above, a closer view of the westbound Eastern Channel bridge. Click on the photo for a larger version (86K).

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All photos taken by Scott Kozel.

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