Route 895 Construction - November 2001 - Photos 1-3

The three photos on this page were taken near the 1st of November.

Above, west abutment and west approach to the Route 895 James River Bridge. Notice that the eastbound approach span superstructure has been built. Roadway at bottom is the temporary roadway for southbound VA-150 Chippenham Parkway. The elevated ramp under construction is Ramp G, the ramp from westbound Route 895 to southbound I-95.

Above, Ramp E, which is the ramp from I-95 northbound to Route 895 eastbound. Several bridge spans on the ramp remain to be constructed, and paving is underway on the land portion of the ramp. This is the approach to the ramp from I-95 northbound. The high spans to the center and left of the photo are the Route 895 mainline concrete box girder approach spans which are being built by the precast post-tensioned segmental method. Most of Ramp E is being built by the concrete box girder precast post-tensioned segmental method also.

Above, I'm standing on the Willson Road overpass bridge over Route 895, looking east. Asphalt base courses have been placed. The Willson Road overpass bridge has been completed and opened to traffic, along with its approach roads. Willson Road traffic was handled on a temporary detour roadway, and its previous location can be seen crossing Route 895 ahead, where the temporary roadway was removed, and that short section of Route 895 is being graded and completed. See also the 5th photo on
Route 895 Construction - August 2001 - Photos 11-16.

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By Scott M. Kozel, Roads to the Future

(Created 12-27-2001)