Route 288 Construction - January 2002 - Photos 1-4

Here are photos of Route VA-288 under construction, taken in late January, 2002.

Above, looking south, photo of construction of the 3,642-foot-long VA-288 James River Bridge, and major earthwork cut on the north side of the river. About 55 bridge columns have been built, and about 55 pier caps on top of the columns. Pier construction in the river has begun. Beams and deck construction is underway on both bridges. Construction is moving rapidly. The bridge will be of a concrete girder design, with two spans each with two lanes and full right shoulders. Construction is moving rapidly. North of the river is Goochland County, and south of the river is Powhatan County. The James River is about 200 feet wide at this point. The length of these bridges is dictated by the large flood plain of the James River, since a large flood such as the ones with Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Agnes in 1972, can cause the river to rise 20 to 25 feet.

Above, looking south, photo taken near the centerline of the southbound VA-288 roadway, from the same station as the second photo from the top.

Above, looking north, heavy excavation for the construction of the VA-288 roadways. Large backhoes and large dump trucks are being used to excavate this cut. The vantage point for this photo, is standing in about the same place as with the two previous photos, but I turned completely around to face in the opposite direction. There will be a major earthwork cut in this area, for the highway mainline roadways that descend downgrade to the James River Bridge. VA-650 River Road will cross VA-288 on a bridge, and the bridge is being built where the crane in the distance can be seen; and River Road is temporarily closed at that point so that the overpass bridge can be constructed in the same location as the existing road. This is in Goochland County.

Above, looking north, standing near VA-711 where the future VA-288 roadways will be built, along with a VA-711 overpass over VA-288 and a diamond interchange between VA-288 and VA-711. The construction of the VA-288 James River Bridge is in distance. A deep cut will be excavated in the hill in the distance. North of the river is Goochland County, and south of the river is Powhatan County. This photo was taken with a 135mm (2.7x) telephoto lens coupled with a 2x teleconverter, effectively providing a 270mm (5.4x) telephoto lens.

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